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Download SD Maid Pro APK for Android

Do you feel your Android Smartphone is getting lagged and overall performance is down? Wanna keep your mobile clean and tidy with one little software? Then this is often an ideal fit you which of them may be a powerful tool that helps tons to offer full speed to your Android.


As this is often a strong tool for Android, it contains many features and here the reason for this app.


Quick Access – From here you'll Scan your Device and clean it quickly within a couple of seconds.


Overview – ready to "> you'll update SD Maid anytime from here except for the professional version – if you've got downloaded outside of Google Play Store you'll not be able to update it. Also, you'll See your Device Internal and auxiliary storage status from here. The version of this app, Your Device name, Root status, busybox/ Toybox, Sqlite options are available here.


Explorer – Here you'll use this software sort of a File Manager. If you've got used ES File Explorer Pro then you'll use this feature properly.


Searcher – you'll get a bit of detailed information here about what proportion files you've got in your device, like – apk, obb, image, video and other file and be ready to search them easily from here.


App control – during this option, you'll see all of your installed and running APK. If you see any running apps and need to shut it just click on the app and a replacement window will open. Find Kill application and click on thereon and it'll be closed instant. Also, you'll back up your APK by clicking on Exports the .apk file.


And there are many options here which provide you the power to run the app or delete the app and data. you'll also click on scan to ascertain the entire size of the app and therefore the location of them.


If you would like to ascertain what permission has been granted by a specific software or games, you'll see it from here.


Corpse Finder – If SD Maid thinks that some files or directories that belong to an application that's not installed are going to be deleted from here.


System Cleaner – it'll scan for known files type and locations that sometimes are often safely deleted. If you're an expert user of this app then you'll use a custom filter to focus on additional files like – Advertisement files, Obsolete .apk files, Empty Directories, Thumbnail Files, .log files, Linux trash folders, Lost.dir directories, MacOs Junk files, Miscellaneous files, Temporary files, Windows Junk Files. Turn any of them on to wash the targeted dumb files.


AppCleaner – Here you'll scan your application to delete unwanted data without losing important data. Note: This doesn't delete application settings.


Duplicates – Only files that are precisely the same are going to be displayed here which is ensured by comparing checksums and size. SD Maid Pro always ensures that you simply always have a replica left in your device.

Storage Analyzer – From this feature, you'll analyze what's taking over your storage. All the things are ordered by size.


Databases – this may optimize databases by using the SQL command Vacuum. It improves database performance by releasing empty pages and not data are going to be lost by this tool.


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What does SD Maid Pro do?


Do you know that no-one is ideal and an Android Smartphone which contains many Games and Apps how is often this software perfect? So why this app will do a deep scan of your Android and collect the subsequent information and clean it up properly within a couple of seconds.

It deletes your old Games and Apps data which is not any longer necessary for you.
Some logs file and crash reports which are already done and no need anymore, it cleans those files.

Your storage’s collected files and directories that you simply don’t recognize, this apk helps you to get rid of them.

And many unwanted things which also are called garbage, These paid applications allow you to get rid of them.

Download Geometry Dash Mod APK for Android

Geometry Dash MOD- could also be a really interesting logical game on an Android device that reviews your feedback for your feedback and performance. You control a little cubic hero, which should be a very long and dangerous route.


Qualitative three-dimensional graphics and really dynamic gameplay won't bother you for a second. Huge management and quality physics make this game more realistic and unpredictable.


Collect as many points and compete alongside your friends. Prove that you simply are the simplest in geometry and thus the world's fastest player. Geometry Dash APK is one of the only favorite games, which comes with some awesome features that a private of any age can get enthusiastic thereto quickly.


Officially the game was launched in 2013 for the android platform. For a huge positive approach from its users, developers have added some more elements to the game within the newest version.

The most recent version of the game is now available for Android. In short, you don’t get to carry a smartphone to enjoy the game. Here, this text is about the thanks to free download and install the Geometry Dash APK for Android.


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About Geometry Dash APK 2.111


Geometry Dash is an arcade game with simple, easy rules and interface. the foremost objective of this game is to urge to the finish point in each level, without being hit by any obstacle. the matter level increases with every next level of the game.


Users do not have the selection to manage the gameplay speed. they're going to only control the direction to avoid obstacles by jumping control. within the sport, the varied barrier has different action and difficulty to make it more interesting.


Additionally, users can play the game in various difficulty modes classified as easy, normal, hard, harder, and insane; finally, the demon which is that the foremost difficult mode within the sport.


The custom level feature also included where users can build their custom level. the game levels integrate custom level mode are often available for other players. there's another feature called practice mood for each level. The practice level mode helps to warm up your fingers and helps to arrange mentally for a preferred level.

By now, you would like to be tempted enough to undertake this game out. So, what we are waiting for? Bellow here, I delivered to you the whole procedure to download and install the game on your android.


Download and Install Geometry Dash 2.111 APK


Now, wasting no time I'm taking you on to the procedure to download and install the game. Just scroll down the page to travel through the step by step instruction.


To get started with it, firstly you'd wish to download and install an android emulator tool. I suggest you prefer Bluestacks Offline Installer. This tool allows you to run any android APK file on your Android.

Now, open the Bluestacks App Player. Search for your preferred game entering the title of the game within the search feature of the app player.

  • Also, you'll simply download the APK file from the link given below. Click on the downloaded apk file and open it using bluestacks.
  • Now that the Geometry Dash app is found on bluestacks, proceed to place within the file on your Android.

  • Once the game is successfully installed on your computer, you're free to play and celebrate with it.


So, this is often all you've to undertake to to to download and install the Geometry Dash APK on your Windows. once you're through with the complete installation of the sport; try playing the game and determine why the game possesses such tons popularity within a quick journey since its releasing date.


Download CCleaner Pro APK for Android

Are You Guys Searching for CCleaner Pro APK, So You Will be on the Right Place, In this article, I will Guide You All Important Information About CCleaner APK.


Also, I Give you a Direct Link to Download CCleaner Pro APK File.


What is CCleaner Pro?


CCleaner may be a tool developed by Piriform, which was first launched in 2003 for 2 main platforms, PC and Mac. at present, with the explosion of mobile devices, CCleaner is now available on mobile devices.



In 2017, Piriform was purchased by Avast and continues to be developed to wash up unwanted junk files, temporary Internet files, malicious codes, etc.


CCleaner also supports the program uninstall by allowing users to get rid of applications right CCleaner. In addition, the app is programmed in C ++ language. When appearing on Android, CCleaner was built even better.


With only one click, you'll easily check your entire device system. Also, with only one click, you'll delete what you would like . during this article, we bring the key features of CCleaner Pro APK MOD, which may be a free version that permits you to use all the advanced features within the Pro version. Let’s check it out right below!


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The Key Features of CCleaner Pro APK?


Easy to use: CCleaner Pro is perfectly optimized. The interface is going to be very simple and intuitive. you'll use it with clicks. Besides, this app also works very smoothly also as doesn't take up much device’s memory and CPU.


Cleanup: The app will look for junk files that aren't used on your device then delete those files to form your phone clean. additionally, it deletes most of the cache, download directory, browser history, etc and allows you to uninstall any unnecessary applications quickly.


Free memory: CCleaner Pro APK allows you to research applications. you'll know which applications are consuming tons of knowledge. From there, you'll control and take away heavy and unnecessary applications. it'll make your phone better.


Boost your device: The app allows you to prevent running tasks with Task Killer. Bulk application stop will stop applications from running within the background until you re-open them in order that your device will operate much faster and more efficiently.


System monitoring: CCleaner Pro will provide tons of system information. Therefore, you'll check the essential parameters of your device like Device, Network, Memory, Battery… From there, you'll give a summary of your device.


MOD Features: The graphics are optimized and resources are cleaned. All advertising calls and active services are deleted. Analytics is disabled and therefore the ad has been removed.




CCleaner Pro may be a good application designed for mobile users. it's been appreciated by many of us both for the power to wash up and manage your device.


Moreover, CCleaner Pro APK will have more advanced features. this may be an excellent application that helps your phone become faster, more powerful and tidy.


If there are any reviews on this application, please leave a comment below. don't forget to go to our Blog regularly for more interesting games and apps! many thanks very much!